Why We Run Races

Dave Wentworth
1 min readJun 15, 2022

18.1 million people registered to run a US road race in 2018.

But, 99.7% of people running a race know they aren’t going to win.



1/ It’s not about winning overall (for most).

Some people have a goal time, pace

Or just a goal to finish.

Whatever it is, race day is the event where many test their goal.

2/ The race day atmosphere.

The electricity of a race, the start, finish.

Even the middle miles is a great chance to see others and socialize.

Enjoy the struggle together.

3/ The race is a milestone goal.

Maybe it’s a race you run yearly.

Maybe you run it to memorialize someone.

4/ The race energy pushes you.

Many get their best performances on race day because of the energy of those around you.

Ride the wave and pick up those PRs.

5/ Race day swag is always fun.

Grab your medal, t-shirt, banana, stickers, free products from sponsors.

Enjoy the music, the vibe and the sights.

That’s it!

What other reasons do you run races?

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