Tony, great stuff as always.

Small suggestion: if you put your Editor’s Note at the end of an article instead of the beginning, it wouldn’t take up the summary space in my daily email. I click on your links anyways because I always enjoy them, but there may be others who are not reading because the big headline space is always the same text:

Editor’s note: I’m the editor for personal development articles on Medium Members, and I like to put each of those articles in the context of the overall topic. You can find the full list of articles here.

If it’s at the end, people would see more of your content in the email headline and maybe be more inclined to click.

One example — I thought you were reposting the same article for days after you started using that Editor’s Note and avoided clicking for a long time before I figured it out.

Very small thing. Keep up the great work.

Interested in self-improvement, productivity and human potential. More at

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