The lies you tell yourself about Twitter threads and Medium Articles

Dave Wentworth
1 min readJun 7, 2022


You stopped scrolling and clicked on this because you want to know how you’re lying to yourself.

Here’s 5 ways you’re deceiving yourself (and 5 things you can do about it).

1/ I’m going to implement these tips / read these books.

2/ I’ll save this and use it later.

3/ This isn’t just entertainment.

4/ This is the last one then I’m going back to work.

5/ This thread could contain the answer to my problems.

Instead, think this way:

1/ Pick one tip or book, not 10+ and actually do it.

2/ I’m never coming back to this.

Don’t build a list of things to read that you’ll never read.

3/ This might just be entertainment, and if it’s intentional, that’s ok.

4/ This probably will not be my last one. I’m going to read a bunch more of these.

5/ This thread will not solve my problems, but it might be a bit interesting and give me a tiny squirt of dopamine.

That’s it!

Any other lies you tell yourself as you scroll Twitter?

Let me know@davewent

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