The First Rule of Online Visibility for Local Business Owners

If you own a business with a physical location, there are 600+ ways you can try to improve your web presence, but there’s one that takes priority: Google Business Profile (aka Google My Business).

Google My Business is what populates the “map 3-pack”, i.e. the search results that come with a location, phone number, website, and an associated map.

Spending thousands on a fancy website, email marketing, social media ads or direct mail are all lower ROI than initial set-up and optimization of your Google Business Profile.

76% of consumers that search for something local on their phone visit a store that day (Google).

Local businesses tend to focus on pretty marketing assets.

And for good reason. A good website is good so a beautiful website is better, right? It’s easy to see how a business owner may end up signing up for that expensive website and SEO package.

I don’t mean SEO/paid ads/etc never matter, I just mean it should be done in conjunction or after your local Google listing is fully optimized for your target keywords.

Focus on improving your ranking in the Google Map 3-Pack.

Why? The 3-pack is almost always at the top of the Google results and local searchers purchase a service 28% of the time.

Think about your own hypothetical situation: you have a leaky pipe spraying water all over your bathroom that you can’t shut off. What do you do? Go and look for nice websites? No.

You google “plumber + your city” and start dialing.

Other examples of situations with urgent purchase intent

• Person arrested for DUI → attorney

• Person transferring jobs → moving company

• Person with a toothache → dentist

Marketing assets do matter to local businsses, especially in more white collar niches, but it all starts with a solid local presence on Google Maps.

Make sure you aren’t missing out on those eager customers by neglecting Google Maps.

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