The 4-Step Formula to FLIP Any Awful Day

Dave Wentworth
2 min readMay 6, 2022


You are sitting in a room filled with hundreds of gold bars, worth billions.

All of the money & treasure you could ever want or need in your life, at your fingertips. But you can’t see it. It’s pitch black in the room so you don’t know its there.

This is how our lives are without gratitude.

Gratitude illuminates our lives.

Kevin Clayson lays this out in his book FLIP the Gratitude Switch — our lives contain everything we need if only we’re able to see it.

Here’s how, the 4 step process called FLIP:

F — Find the Frustration.

We all have frustrations. Someone cut us off in traffic.

It’s not tough to find a frustrating situation. Each one is an opportunity for gratitude.

L — Look for what’s awesome.

There’s something good buried inside.

Look around at what you’re taking for granted and think about how you’ve benefited from it. You have a car to drive! You’re safe and uninjured! You’re still on time for your appointment.

I — Initiate gratitude.

Choose to focus on what you can be grateful for.

Gratitude is something you do, not something you feel. This fills your body with dopamine and you experience a change in your demeanor.

P — Power up with Gratifuel.

Feel the positive energy in your body and let it fuel you.

Choosing to focus on what you can be grateful for rather than something that’s a frustration will power you up, energize you for your day. Keep the momentum going with each frustration and you’ll feel unstoppable.

For an amazing, light-filled life, use the FLIP formula to choose gratitude especially in stressful or frustrating situations.

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