The 1 Life Lesson I’ll Never Forget

When I was 15 years old, I learned a life lesson I’ll never forget.

I was in concert band, and we all were actively fighting against the band director, causing him grief. We didn’t care about the class. We would watch the clock to see when it was lunch time so we could leave.

One day, the director covered the clock with these words:

Time will pass. Will you?

We had been taking that we would pass his class for granted.

I couldn’t afford a bad grade in his class! This was an automatic A I thought!

The lesson didn’t sink in right away. But to this day, I think about how I can take today for granted. Time is passing whether I am intentional or just letting time pass.

In one year, one year will have passed. What will you wish you had started?

Don’t take today for granted.

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