Stand Out at Work Even if You Work Remotely

Have you ever been bored to tears while someone drones on during a remote presentation?

With our new “work from anywhere” culture, the focus on digital presentations is more important than ever. You need to get better at presenting or you may fade into irrelevance.

Your career depends on it.

#1: Presenting to your boss is the same as public speaking.

Standing up in front of the room or presenting via Microsoft Teams, the effect is the same.

I’ve listened to hundreds of work presentations and the good ones are spectacular. These are the people you can expect to get promotions in the future.

#2: You need to engage your audience.

People get bored easily.

Eyes glaze over at extra detail or tangents. Make it easy for them to follow. Take away everything that isn’t absolutely necessary. Stories, examples, obvious visual cues are great for keeping people engaged.

#3: Fight the urge to use filler words.

This is a surefire way to lose credibility.

Ums, uhs, so’s, etc are verbal crutches that we use when we’re unsure of what to say or feel the need to fill the silence. This dilutes our message and introduces doubt. Removing filler words makes you sound more confident.

#4: You only get better at what you intentionally practice.

Do you expect to get bigger muscles without lifting weights?

How do you get better at presenting without presenting? Which leads me to my next point…

Would anyone be interested in speaking practice?

I am willing to host and give comments, either prepared or spontaneous speaking to help people get better and be able to stand out at work:

→ Send me a DM on twitter @davewent

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Dave Wentworth

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