My Son’s Inventions

Dave Wentworth
1 min readJun 3, 2022

My 7-year old son’s top 3 inventions:

He loves inventing. He’s always thinking of a way to solve problems and build businesses.

I love the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Caveat -

We’re still learning about physics and newtons laws…

Back to the good stuff:

1/ The G-charger

(g stands for good)

This is a battery and motor combination that charges itself and anything you connect to it.

It conveniently never runs out of power.

2/ The Voicer

This is two necklaces that connect wirelessly to allow you to copy/paste any voice onto yours.

He won’t tell me what problem this solves or if it’s purely evil villain stuff.

3/ Laundry sorting bot

A robot that collects loose laundry around your room, check it for “freshness”, and sort it into piles.

This would save me tons of time.

I’ll never stop supporting his interests and helping him build prototypes.

He fills notebooks with diagrams and notes.

Look for these products on Amazon soon!

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