How to protect your home with simple, automated reminders

As a homeowner, there’s a ton of responsibility you have to keep your house clean & functioning.

Most of the items on the list are common sense, but knowing when to do them and how isn’t always easy.

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t get to all of there (or any) on a regular basis. This affects their safety and could cost them a lot of money.

Nobody tells you why to care or what to do.

Who knows how often to check your GFCI outlets? Or that you even should? Why even care?

  • If you don’t check your GFCI, it may not function properly when you need it to which could be unsafe.

That’s just one example, there are dozens more!

It’s okay though, there is hope for the homeowner.

Step 1: Keep a list in your to-do app (start with mine and add your own).

There are a few key items you should definitely include for safety. Others will depend on how your house is built.

Example: Monthly

  • Check smoke detector batteries
  • Check your radon fan
  • Check your CO detector batteries

Example: 2x per year

  • Drain your water heater to extend the tank life
  • Change your furnace air filter

I keep a list myself and add to it regularly since I’ve had too many regular failures that I didn’t know about until it was too late.

Step 2: Put these tasks into your calendar or to-do app

If you don’t automate this, you will forget in 6 months.

Do your future self a favor and make it dead-simple for them. Keep notes about specific steps and keep it in the system you have made.

Step 3: Do the maintenance steps when it’s time.

Rubber meets the road: do the stuff and you will improve your safety as well as avoid some costly issues with your home.

It’s tempting to skip it when they come up, but it’s important to build the habit. Consider it an investment into your safety & the asset of your home.

If you would like a copy of my home-reminder list as a starting point, let me know and I will send it to you.

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