How Not to Get a Client

In my drive to build up my business, I started out with the wrong mindset.

During my first 3 years of selling internet marketing services, I always tried to structure my approach as “what can I sell you”. This is the wrong way.

Instead, you have to demonstrate value and build trust, first.

You can’t lead with need — you have to lead with value.

Otherwise, possible customers will be turned off.

Think about how you feel when you receive an unsolicited DM or email that is pushing for you to buy something or claim their “free report”. Feels scammy right? If you do this, people mark you as spam in their email and in their lives.

If you instead choose to lead with value, potential customers can let their guards down and feel more welcoming.

Here is how to lead with value instead of need.

#1 Do some free consulting & share advice — no strings attached.

This is the heart of your value proposition.

If you freely give away something of value, that signifies that you have an abundant mindset, not looking for anything in return and are a generally helpful person.

#2. Package this advice into something special — like a gift.

Treat it like the high value item you know it is.

This can be a personalized video that you shoot using Loom, a PDF report with custom letterhead or a voice memo you send to their email. The important part here is to stand out from the crowd — don’t do what everybody else is doing.

#3. Send your customized present to them in good faith.

This has to be framed in a way that ensures they can use this information with no strings attached and not just in name only, but for real.

Once you have given tons and tons of value, someone will be begging you to keep going and at that point, you have got yourself a client.

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