How I plan to savor this weekend with my kids

Dave Wentworth
1 min readJun 10, 2022


How I plan to savor this weekend with my kids:

I have a habit of plowing through the weekend the same way I plow through my week.

Ticking off to do items and forgetting to stop and enjoy it.

Not this weekend.


1/ I will not work on work.

My list for Monday will be ready and I refuse to check email or teams until Monday rolls around.

2/ I will abandon my phone.

My phone steals minutes from me which add up to hours which add up to days.

I will leave it in the other room and enjoy my day without it (except for the piano recital, I may record that).

3/ I will and be present.

We have a lot scheduled for this weekend and I’m going to savor it all.

I won’t get caught up in thinking about grocery pickup or my next to do items.

That’s it!

Do you have any more solid tips for me?

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