Don’t Take Tomorrow for Granted: Applying this Understanding Changed My Life

In 2015, I found one of the most eye-opening blog posts I’ve ever read.

Tim Urban’s blog Wait but Why puts out high quality posts on topics that makes me reconsider how I view life.

The blog post I discovered is called .

Tim lays out that if you view your life visually as a finite series of events, you will start to reconsider how precious your time here really is.

I probably have about 4,700 weeks of life. Total.

Since I just turned 37, I’ve already burned up 1,924 of those weeks.

That shook me, especially when I think about how many weeks I’ve “wished away” or days I’ve written off.

How many weeks have I been mentally checked out hoping to get to the weekend?

This rightly caused some urgency in my life, in relationships, at work and big things I want to accomplish.

What am I waiting for?

There’s only so much time I am living in the same house as my kids and once they move away, I am in the tail end of my time with them. Be present.

There are only so many sunrises I have the chance to take in. Don’t take that for granted.

There are only so many meals I get to eat. Do I want to choose fast food?

There are only so many days left with my dog. Enjoy every day he’s here.

How am I showing up and acknowledging each minute I’m granted here?

I am treating every single day as a gift.

I will still be sad when my kids grow up, but I won’t regret that I wasn’t present once they do.

Don’t put anything off to someday — be present and enjoy what you have been given because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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