Daylight Saving Time is Bullshit

Your biannual reminder to change your clocks

In preparation for the upcoming time shift, I am bringing you a friendly reminder and plea to, once again, abolish Daylight Saving Time.

DST is Bad for your Health

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the dramatic shift in available sleeping hours in the spring leads to many bad health effects, the most pronounced being a higher incidence of heart attack, which spikes sharply after the spring time change.

DST is Bad for the Economy

On top of the physical impact of the Daylight Saving Time, is the economic effect. One of the touted benefits of the original proposal for DST was energy savings. The logic was, shifting our clocks to later in the day during the summer months would allow for more natural light during waking hours.

Based on millions of data points for electricity usage in Indiana over its first three years of fully observing Daylight Saving Time, the study concluded that electricity demand rose instead of falling.

Sure, people turned on fewer lights in the evening, but they adjusted their thermostats for greater comfort in the morning.

DST is Bad for Productivity

Adding to the negative economic effect, reducing the available time for sleep has shown to increase “cyberloafing”. Cyberloafing is the phenomenon that is present during the workday where workers perform internet tasks, such as leisure reading or catching up on social media, unrelated to their job. You know, that thing you’re doing right now.

DST is Unpopular

In addition to being dangerous for our citizens and costly for our economy - the citizens you serve, your bosses, overwhelmingly do not like it. In a 2014 study conducted by the Rasmussen Report, only 33% of people surveyed agreed that Daylight Saving Time was worthwhile, leaving 2/3 of the population as seeing it as not worth the hassle.

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