1. Always black without sugar, but that’s how I prefer it anyway. Some people like to use a bit of cream, but it will reduce the effectiveness of a fast. Eat Stop Eat covers the science of this really well.
  2. When I was my strictest during this period, it was 23.5 hours, no evening snack and abstaining until the beginning of the next day at dinner.
  3. I felt perfectly fine to exercise on my fasting days. During the period mentioned in the article, I wasn’t doing any cardio, only lifting weight using a 5x5 method. Something I didn’t mention was, I do like cardio, I like running, but long runs tend to make me hungrier and/or make me feel like I’m justified in overeating, so I don’t see it as beneficial when in a “weight loss phase”. To answer your question, I had plenty of energy for lifting, even late in the fasting period and would frequently lift after work but before dinner.
  4. After the competition, I did bounce up and down for a bit. Fasting too often made me a bit complacent and I was compensating with my eating days. Returning to counting calories for a bit helped bring me back to reality. I also tend to level out around landmark weights like 200 lbs, 190 lbs, etc. I believe this can be a mental block i.e. “I can’t possibly ever be below 200 lbs”.

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