A Formula: The First Minute of Your Talk

Presenting information?

The first 60 seconds needs to be flawless.

Here’s the formula:

From Chris Fenning’s book,

“The First Minute”,

every presentation can follow

this exact formula.

Even in NASA…


Say the context/topic

Share the intent.

Give your key message.


Context: Regarding our April sales numbers.

Intent: increase our May sales.

Key message: We need to increase in May by 12%.


Say the overall goal.

Next, the problem in your way.

Last, your proposed solution.


Goal: increase May sales by 12%.

Problem: We are short one salesperson due to attrition.

Solution: Start a discount/promo to activate dormant leads.

I really enjoyed this book. Check it out:

The First Minute by Chris Fenning

That’s it!

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