I do not enjoy small-talk.

I love getting to the deeper topics that people don’t share as freely.

With practice, you can get there faster.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

1/ Be genuinely interested (feel it!)

There’s no hack for this other than to imagine yourself in their shoes.

What’s their situation like? What were their emotions?

Ask questions! Care about the process and outcome!

2/ Don’t wait for your turn to talk.

This just leads to talking at each other, back and forth.

It can even get worse with one-upmanship, where you just try and outdo each other.

3/ Ask about things they care about.

The usual ones:

  1. Kids
  2. Pets
  3. Hobbies
  4. Trips
  5. Work, if needed, but leave it for later

That’s it!

Are there any you’d add?

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7 Lessons I’ve learned through the years of owning a home:

1/ Don’t start a house project when the hardware store is closed.

That’s when you’ll need a part and be out of luck.

2/ When in doubt, call a plumber.

There’s no shame in making sure your house won’t flood unexpectedly.

3/ There’s no product on earth that keeps gutters clean.

Scientifically impossible.

4/ Everything is always about to break.

Just get used to it.

5/ Pristine lawns are overrated.

I will never water them or use weedkiller.

My lawn looks fine.

6/ Tools on an organized pegboard is a huge time-saver.

Worth the investment.

7/ Do projects yourself when possible and learn the skills.

Gives you a chance to buy tools too.

That’s it!

Any more you’d add?

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