7 Homeowner Lessons

7 Lessons I’ve learned through the years of owning a home:

1/ Don’t start a house project when the hardware store is closed.

That’s when you’ll need a part and be out of luck.

2/ When in doubt, call a plumber.

There’s no shame in making sure your house won’t flood unexpectedly.

3/ There’s no product on earth that keeps gutters clean.

Scientifically impossible.

4/ Everything is always about to break.

Just get used to it.

5/ Pristine lawns are overrated.

I will never water them or use weedkiller.

My lawn looks fine.

6/ Tools on an organized pegboard is a huge time-saver.

Worth the investment.

7/ Do projects yourself when possible and learn the skills.

Gives you a chance to buy tools too.

That’s it!

Any more you’d add?

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Dave Wentworth

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