6 Ways to Remember to Be Mindful

Everything in life improves when you are more present.

6 ways to remember to be more present.

A bit of prep:

I recommend mindfulness practice such as meditation or yoga.

This trains your brain to notice the space between stimulus & response.

1/ Keep a mindfulness momento in your pocket.

(I like the idea of a coin, like Ryan Holiday’s stoic coins)

When you feel or notice it, bring your focus back to the present.

2/ Set a daily reminder on your watch or phone.

(Phones are a danger-zone for mindfulness, so watches may be better)

This can be set to when you struggle the most with staying mindful.

3/ Post-it note at your work station.

You can write, “breathe” or “here, now” or any helpful word.

Endless to-do post-its can be stressful to look at.

4/ Calendar reminder to body scan.

Set-up a private calendar invite that reminds you to take stock of how you feel.

You can also take 10 breaths or listen to a recorded meditation.

5/ Build a habit — Ex. mindful minute after every meeting/restroom break

Structure your daily routine and build habits that incorporate mindfulness.

6/ Add a message to your phone homescreen wallpaper.

Write something that reminds you to be mindful & present.

That’s it.

6 ways to REMEMBER to be mindful in every moment.

Which ones work for you?

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