50 Days of Shipping: 10 Takeaways


I started writing daily in March, 50 days ago, with Ship30.

What have I learned?

  1. It’s not tough to think of ideas.
  2. It is tough to write without sacred hours.
  3. My follower count has grown from 290 → 417.
  4. My best performing posts have great headlines.
  5. I work best from my list and partially done essays.
  6. I don’t have a firm niche idea but not worried about it.
  7. I plan to go another 50 days at least, and get 500 followers.
  8. Threads do much worse than essays, but are easier to write.
  9. My Twitter feed is much different now, much more encouraging.
  10. DM / zoom calls are where there’s tons of great interactions & value.

Thanks for having me! Send me a DM or let’s zoom.

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