5 Mindset shifts to go from Amateur to Pro

5 mindset shifts to go from amateur to pro:

How we talk to ourselves

reflects how you view your

worth and standing in life.

When you change your language,

You change your life:

1/ Change:

“Will this be on the test?”


“What interests me and will serve me to know?”

Shed the mentality that you need to be told what to do.

2/ Change:

“Is this required or optional?”


“How can I go above and beyond what anybody could expect of me?”

Learn to think bigger and differentiate yourself anytime you can.

3/ Change:

“What do you think I should do?”


“Here is my plan based on the data.”

This frames you as someone who doesn’t need hand-holding.

4/ Change:

“What’s the minimum requirement?”


“How can I deliver maximum value to others & myself?”

Go past the minimum whenever doing things for others or investing in yourself.

5/ Change:

“What does the customer want?”


“What would delight my customer?”

Small shift from want → delight differentiates you.

As you transition to adulthood, you realize

The education system you grew up in

Trains you to be reliant and wait to

Be told what to do.

In reality, life is based on your choices.

Want to have good health?

Eat healthfully and move your body.

How much? Well…

How healthy do you want to be?

Want to make lots of money?

Test lots of ideas.

How many? Well…

How fast do you want to prove an idea?

Your life is in your hands.

You control you.

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