5 Gifts Foolproof Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We don’t give gifts for mother’s or father’s day.

But we do get each other something like an experience or task, something you might not have the energy or time for in a normal week. The kids always help and the mothers days are always memorable.

Here are the 5 “gifts” we get my wife, and the kids love taking part:

💐 Help cleaning out flower beds

Tis the season for planting, so prepping the flower beds is always a big weekend job.

🚗 A clean car (inside and out)

The inside and out of the car is trashed from kids boots, snacks and slushy snow from the past winter. A vacuumed and shined up car is always appreciated.

🥞 Breakfast in bed

There’s something luxurious about being served coffee and toast while in bed. The kids love to prep the tray with a card.

🏠 A clean house

There’s no end in sight for house cleaning: vacuuming, dusting, laundry, and bathrooms are a great start.

💆‍♀️ A spa day

This is the kids favorite because they spring into action with a sugar foot scrub, cucumbers eye covers and a special drink.

Pick 1–5 of these for a no-cost Mother’s Day gift package your wife will never forget.

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Interested in self-improvement, productivity and human potential.

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Dave Wentworth

Dave Wentworth

Interested in self-improvement, productivity and human potential.

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