4 Reasons for Non-Runners to Wear a Garmin Watch

As a runner, I use my Garmin watch to track everything during my runs.

Pace, route, heart rate and distance are all great data points for your run. But smartwatches like Garmin have tons of other benefits that are are useful to anyone.

Here they are:

  1. Vibrate alarm / instead of waking up your partner, get a vibration wrist-tap and sneak out of bed if you get up at different times.
  2. Body battery / Garmin calculates your body battery, based on sleep time and heart rate and exertion.
  3. Sleep-tracking/ How you feel and perform is directly correlated to quality sleep. A Garmin can track that effortlessly and you can check to see what factors help/hurt your sleep.
  4. Quick message reply/ Leave your phone in the other room but still have access to quick text replies if needed.

If you end up wearing a smartwatch like a Garmin, let me know what you think!

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