30 Day Experiments are the Best Way to Improve Your Life

Today is my 30th day of writing online consistently. I’ve learned:

• not be afraid to ship

• frameworks to unlock hundreds of ideas

• keeping the flywheel going is easier than starting it.

There’s so many other areas of my life that might benefit from an experiment.

Why 30 days?

• Quick iteration — no time for overthinking

• Quick feedback — new data point daily

• Quick improvement — incremental improvement daily

Social media fills up any spare time, including right before and after sleep.

Without intention, this is a waste. I would like to be more intentional and either try out a total fast, or batch it into 30 minutes once per day. This would free up many hours per week.

I could use the same daily content to create a video or podcast.

This could be another channel to test ideas and see what sticks. I view videos and podcasts as higher production value and impossible to make daily. But I know many people do it and they must have ways to make it quicker.

I want to learn those tips for myself.

In my local SEO agency, cold email outreach is typically a slog that I avoid.

But it’s my most productive client outreach tool. What might happen if I committed to it daily? I would notice trends and level up quicker. I would also remove the friction and make it more accessible.

Other past, successful 30 day experiment:

  • intermittent fasting
  • running
  • meditation

Try a 30 day experiment in your life and level up 12x per year.

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