3 Ways to Set a Better Example for Kids with screens

Dave Wentworth
1 min readJun 5, 2022


I know that staring at my phone all day is bad.

Even worse: my kids want to do it too.

3 ways to be a better example for my kids around screens:

I’m training them to be cheap dopamine addicts like me.

But we can fight back with better examples.

Here’s how 👇

1/ Read physical books.

I much prefer audiobooks and Kindle for the convenience.

But holding an actual book does feel good and it lets my kids know I’m reading and not just scrolling.

2/ Leave phones in another room after dinner.

This is family time and there’s no way I’m getting this time back when the kids are older.

Plus they will see that I’m putting them above my phone addiction.

3/ Turn off all notifications from 99% of apps.

(especially email)

Turn off the temptation source.

Better yet, uninstall those “endless scroller” apps.

TLDR: Setting better screen examples for kids.

  1. Read physical books.
  2. Leave phones in another room.
  3. Turn off notifications and uninstall apps.

I’m trying to be better at this, especially #2.

If you have any tips you’d add, please share!

And tag me @davewent

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