3 Tips to Improve your Executive Presentations

Presenting to your management is tough, but there’s a right way to do it.

Good executive presentations can lead to positive outcomes for your projects and aid career advancement.

Unfortunately, many struggle with presenting to management.

Why? Their story & point are not clear.

This can be for many reasons:

  • They haven’t filtered down their message to what’s critical.
  • They haven’t imagined what will be asked.
  • They are relying on executives to do the heavy lifting.
  • But, there are 3 main ways that can tune-up your presentations so you look like a rock star at work or with clients.

Tip 1: Simplify your message.

Detail is important — to you and your team at the working level. Keep that detail as “back-pocket” in case something gets asked.

Distilling detail to the main point is a skill. It saves everybody time from filtering.

What is absolutely critical for them to know?

Use this frame: You have 60 seconds to explain this to the president of your company before your time is gone. Be economical with your words.

Tip 2: Use a story to illuminate your point.

Explaining rules or processes or organizations is dry and hard to imagine.

Create a scenario, either based in reality or hypothetical. Tell a story.

Paint the picture. Even better, use pictures or stick images.

Make it impossible not to be able to see what you mean.

Tip 3: Leave them with 1 key takeaway.

What do you want them to do with this? Just know it? Make a phone call? Approve your funding?

State and show them the main takeaway.

It’s even better to hint at this or share the intent at the beginning so by they time you come back to it, they are ready and waiting for your ask. Don’t make them look for it.

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