1 Tip for Frustration-free Goal Setting

You probably have ‘goals’, but they aren’t things you control.

They are most likely ‘lag goals’.

Lag goals are where you make your money:

  1. Pounds lost
  2. Clients won
  3. Followers increased

But you need a proven LEAD MEASURE that is effective & controllable. What is a lead measure?

Let’s dive into some examples 👇

1. Pounds Lost VS Daily Calories in

You don’t directly control internal fat regulation.

But you DO control what is available inside your body to use as fuel. Another lead measure could be hours of exercise, but I strongly recommend to focus on calories first before adding in exercise.

2. Clients Won VS Weekly Emails Sent

You don’t control how prospective clients react to your offer.

But you DO control your outreach frequency. Each email is a chance to show your offer to a prospect. From this action, you can gather effectiveness (i.e. open rate, click rate) and tune up your email sequence.

3. Follower increased VS Daily Posts

You don’t control how many people click ‘Follow’.

But you do control your level of engagement on a platform. Post frequency may be the lead measure of choice for many creators — others may favor commenting or DMs.

Your 1 tip, as promised:

For each Lag Goal you have, pick 1 thing (Lead Measure) that:

  1. you can control
  2. that moves the needle

Track that lead measure daily/weekly and crush your goals.

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Dave Wentworth

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